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Federal Criminal Defense, Federal Grand Jury Representation and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

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If your case is charged in a Louisiana Federal District Court (Eastern, Middle or Western), you may be exposed to additional counts that can increase your sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines.

Federal Court

Federal Drug Crimes Representation: The Federal Sentencing Guidelines that are used to determine your sentence are based largely on the number of counts, the quantity of the drugs involved, the level of an individual’s involvement, and one’s criminal history. In such cases, our goal is to limit the government’s ability to prove your involvement in a larger conspiracy. Learn more about our Federal drug crimes >>

White Collar Crimes Defense: We represent clients accused of complex white collar crimes in cases involving embezzlement, fraud, forgery, money laundering, RICO Act violations, public corruption, Internet crimes, and bribery. Learn more about our White Collar Criminal Defense Practice >>

Public Corruption Defense: We represent clients accused of public corruption stemming from alleged violations of their duties of public office.

Federal DWI: We represent clients arrested for suspicion of drunk driving while on federal property.

Federal Grand Jury Representation: Whether you find yourself a target, subject, or a witness, we can guide you through this process.

As a law firm, we are compassionate in guiding our clients through the Federal system. If you have been charged with a federal crime, contact us now for an immediate, free evaluation of your case.

As a law firm, we are compassionate in guiding our clients through the criminal justice system and work to resolve every case in the best interests of our clients. Contact us now for an immediate, free evaluation of your case

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Client Reviews

I hired Dylan in 2011 to represent me after I was falsely arrested for domestic battery. Dylan was able to prove to the prosecuting attorney that I was not the aggressor in the case. He did a phenomenal job representing me and was extremely professional in his communication and knowledge of the...

Richard M.

He is the most professional and caring attorney. He was there for us in every aspect. He answered any questions or concerns and was very upfront and honest. We live out of state and he made it so we could bring our daughter home and not have to make trips back to Louisiana for every court...

Lisa B.

DiGiulio Utley Criminal Defense Attorneys came to my aid in a great time of need. I live out of state and they were able work with the court to prevent many trips back and fourth during the proceedings. They are professional, up front, factual and well connected within the NOLA legal system. You...

Jordan L.

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