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New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyers

At DiGiulio Utley, LLC our primary practice area is criminal defense at the municipal, state and federal levels. As a New Orleans based law firm, the experienced criminal lawyers at DiGiulio Utley, LLC represent clients who have been arrested on misdemeanor charges, state charges, felony charges, drug charges, property and theft charges, DWI charges (driving while intoxicated), federal charges, federal drug conspiracy charges, white-collar crime charges—including conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud and health care fraud to name a few. Each criminal attorney in our New Orleans office tailors their aggressive representation to fit each particular client’s criminal defense needs. Whether that process begins with a pre-indictment investigation, motion practice, preparing for trial or trial, the criminal attorneys of DiGiulio Utley, LLC do everything they can to ensure satisfying results for the client.

Being arrested for a criminal offense, or learning that you are facing a criminal investigation, can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person may face. It is imperative that anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation speak with a qualified and experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorney right away. If retained early enough in the criminal investigation process, the lawyers at DiGiulio Utley, LLC may be able to intervene and consult with the investigating officer or District Attorney or other prosecuting authority in order to have charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

Municipal/Parish crimes—DiGiulio Utley, LLC offers aggressive criminal defense for clients charged with misdemeanors and municipal code violations in around the New Orleans region. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist in New Orleans, the criminal lawyers at DiGiulio Utley, LLC, will aggressively fight the allegations of battery, drunk in public, disturbing the peace, trespassing, lewd conduct and others made by the city, parish or municipality in question.

State crimes—Our criminal attorneys effectively defend clients charged and accused of state law criminal violations. These include property crimes, violent crimes against persons, theft, fraud offenses, sex offenses and drug offenses including simple possession, possession with intent to distribute, distribution and manufacturing. Whatever the charge or the facts alleged, DiGiulio Utley, LLC, will fiercely advocate for its clients’ interests. Our New Orleans criminal lawyers understand how these cases are investigated, charged and prosecuted and know how to effectively challenge the prosecution’s evidence at all stages of the criminal process.

Federal crimes—Facing the prospect of an investigation or indictment in federal court, is one of the more harrowing experiences for an individual. When retained, the criminal attorneys at DiGiulio Utley, LLC, will step into the breach and immediately begin investigating the government’s allegations in order to prepare the most effective defense for their clients. Indeed, DiGiulio Utley, LLC, criminal defense attorneys have significant experience in defending federal clients charged with all levels and types of federal criminal offenses and work hard to ensure his clients receive the most comprehensive and effective defense possible. The criminal defense lawyers at DiGiulio Utley, LLC work with the top investigators and experts in the field to make sure that no stone is left unturned and no avenue of defense is left unexplored.

Personal Service

The dedicated and experienced criminal defense attorneys of DiGiulio Utley, LLC give personalized, aggressive and effective service to each client. The work ethic of our criminal attorneys is impeccable and their results—a product of trial skills, adeptness at legal negotiations, knowledge of the criminal justice system, and pure grit—speak for themselves. Our New Orleans criminal attorneys consult and communicate with their clients at every stage of the criminal proceedings to ensure that they understand the legal process and the options that will be available as their case moves through the criminal justice system. Our criminal law firm also ensures that no clients are uninformed or unsure of their criminal exposure. Ultimately, our criminal attorneys at DiGiulio Utley, LLC. do everything they can to leave our clients satisfied with their resolutions, whether they be dismissals, negotiated pleas or trials.

Our Criminal Lawyers

If you are looking for personable, experienced, high-quality, and effective representation you will find it with the criminal lawyers at DiGiulio Utley, LLC. Our attorneys offer experienced, dedicated and compassionate representation of both adults and juveniles charged with criminal violations of the law. With nearly 29 years of collective experience between them, the attorneys of DiGiulio Utley defend clients against federal, state, municipal and parish charges. These charges range from DWI matters to serious white collar and violent offenses in and around the Greater New Orleans area. The criminal attorneys of DiGiulio Utley, LLC have been recognized for their excellence in criminal defense by their clients as well as by their colleagues as evidenced in SuperLawyers, St. Charles Avenue Magazine and AVVO among others.

Our Motivation

The New Orleans-based criminal law attorneys, care about people, their rights and want to assist those who are facing what is probably the most difficult time of their lives. The attorneys of DiGiulio Utley will guide the client through every step of the criminal process and work hard to soothe the otherwise disruptive effect it brings to the client’s life, work, and family. Dedicated to their criminal defense practice, our attorneys will explain your rights as the client, citizen, non-citizen and defendant, investigate the allegations against you, analyze, determine and prepare your defenses, and explain your best options. This is done, so that you, as the client, will know every aspect of your case and your defense. By managing their cases in this manner, no client feels left behind and as a collateral consequence, will likely make better decisions for themselves going forward in the criminal process.

The attorneys of DiGiulio Utley are trained criminal attorneys, focusing their criminal defense practice on aggressive representation and strategic defense of people who are facing Louisiana state or federal criminal charges as well as municipal code violations and expungements of criminal records.

Practice Locations

DiGiulio Utley, LLC is a New Orleans based criminal defense law firm. Hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. DiGiulio Utley, LLC’s criminal defense legal practice includes representation in Orleans Parish (New Orleans, Orleans Criminal District Court, Orleans Municipal Court, Orleans Traffic Court), and surrounding areas, Jefferson Parish (24th Judicial District Court, Metairie, Gretna, Kenner, Harahan, Waggaman, Grand Isle, Avondale, Westwego, Marrero, Lafitte), St. Tammany Parish (Covington 22nd JDC), St. Charles Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. John the Baptist Parish, Plaquemines Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, and West Baton Rouge Parish.


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Dylan C. Utley

Meet Dylan C. Utley

Dylan Utley became a criminal defense attorney because he cares about people and wants to assist those who are facing what might be the most difficult time of their lives. He will guide you through every step of the criminal process, scrutinize and investigate the allegations against you, analyze and determine your defenses...

Client Reviews

I hired Dylan in 2011 to represent me after I was falsely arrested for domestic battery. Dylan was able to prove to the prosecuting attorney that I was not the aggressor in the case. He did a phenomenal job representing me and was extremely professional in his communication and knowledge of the...

Richard M.

He is the most professional and caring attorney. He was there for us in every aspect. He answered any questions or concerns and was very upfront and honest. We live out of state and he made it so we could bring our daughter home and not have to make trips back to Louisiana for every court...

Lisa B.

DiGiulio Utley Criminal Defense Attorneys came to my aid in a great time of need. I live out of state and they were able work with the court to prevent many trips back and fourth during the proceedings. They are professional, up front, factual and well connected within the NOLA legal system. You...

Jordan L.

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