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At DiGiulio Utley, LLC our primary practice area is criminal defense at the municipal, state and federal levels. We represent clients who have been arrested on misdemeanor charges, felony charges, DWI offenses, and federal charges (incuding pre-indictment through trial, federal target representation as well as witness representation). If you have been charged or expect that you or someone you care for will be charged with a crime, please call (504) 524-4080. For more information on each of our practice areas, please see links below.

Criminal Defense (Federal and State):

See our Criminal Defense page for details of our criminal practice. Our criminal defense practice includes the defense of Louisiana and federal drug crimes including possession, intent to sell, distribution, trafficking, cultivation, manufacture and prescription drug crimes. We also represent people accused of theft and property crimes, vandalism, shoplifting, robbery, burglary, scams, purse snatching, pick-pocketing, auto theft, mugging and shoplifting.

DWI / DUI in Louisiana (including underage driving while intoxicated)

Misdemeanors and Municipal Court Charges: Call today if you have been arrested for public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, underage drinking, resisting an officer, resisting arrest, an open container charge, lewd conduct, public intoxication, assault and battery, battery of a law enforcement officer, simple battery, destruction of property.

Tourist Issues: If you have been arrested while visiting New Orleans call today.

White collar crime defense: We represent clients accused of complex white collar crimes in cases involving embezzlement, fraud, Internet crimes, forgery, money laundering, RICO Act violations, public corruption and bribery. Violent crimes and Murder: Our violent crimes and murder defense practice handles cases of assault and battery, murder, homicide, abuse, domestic violence, manslaughter and homicide assault and battery, aggravated battery, domestic violence, armed robbery, manslaughter, negligent homicide, vehicular homicide, murder.


Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Offenses (State and Federal)

Violent Offenses (State and Federal)

White Collar Crimes (State and Federal)

Theft and Property Crimes: We defend clients facing property crimes charges including robbery, burglary, scams, purse snatching, auto theft, vandalism, shoplifting, mugging and shoplifting. In federal, state and municipal court.

Expungement (more details on Louisiana Expungements of Misdemeanor and Felony Charges)

Post-Conviction: Appeals (State and Federal) The law firm of DiGiulio Utley, LLC refers appeals to the Law Office of Letty S. Di Giulio. Post-Conviction (State and Federal) The law firm of DiGiulio Utley, LLC refers post-conviction applications to the outside firm Law Office of Letty Di Giulio.

Personal Injury

As a law firm, we are compassionate in guiding our clients through the court system and work to resolve every case in the best interests of our clients. Contact us now for an immediate, free evaluation of your case.

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