Animal Law

The attorneys at DiGiuio Utley, LLC understand that the loss or injury of a companion animal is equal to losing a loved one. We work hard to examine the facts surrounding the injury to your pet to determine if monetary recovery is possible. Animal Law is a new area of law, but is growing at an exponential rate as more and more families include pets in their definition of family members. Whatever the animal, whether it is a horse, dog, cat, pig, or otherwise, our goal is to protect animals and work to raise their status in our laws as more than mere property and to have the legal system recognize their intrinsic value.

While Animal Law is a unique and specialized area of law, it also intersects in important ways with other well established areas of law, such as administrative law, bankruptcy law, constitutional law, criminal law, environmental law, estate planning, insurance law, international law, family law, leases, property, and tort law. Animal-related stories are increasingly the headlining news story, each article bringing to light new and complex legal issues.

As a law firm, we are compassionate in guiding our clients through the court system and work to resolve every case in the best interests of our clients. Contact us now to speak to a Louisiana Animal Law Attorney and for an immediate, free evaluation of your case.

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